APM Group endeavours to provide the best possible service. However, should you feel the need to complain we take this very seriously and operate a complaints investigation and resolution process as outlined below.

Complaints should be submitted to APMG in writing in the form of a letter, fax or e-mail - see the Contact Us page for further details. Initially they should be addressed to the Service Desk which will log the complaint and allocate it to an appropriate person to handle. We endeavour to acknowledge complaints within two working days of receipt with investigations being completed within ten working days or, if a longer period is necessary, the complainant being informed of the expected timescale.

We make every effort to bring complaints to a satisfactory conclusion following initial investigation. However, should this not prove possible we have an escalation process with the Quality Manager determining final closure. Further, all complaints are reviewed regularly to identify improvements which can be made. Complaints received are dealt with impartially in a non-discriminatory manner and will not affect a complainants standing with APMG.