Corporate Governance

APM Group Ethics and Standards Board

The APM Group demands the same high standards of itself as it does its accredited organizations. To ensure we are acting honestly and transparently, we have a documented structure in place to assure impartiality of our operations, manage potential conflicts of interest with staff or contractors and ensure the objectivity of all certification processes.

To support this structure, we have an Ethics and Standards Board led by an independent chairperson with extensive management experience. The Board can investigate any of our activities and speak to anyone employed by APM Group to ensure we are aligned with our values.

The Members of the Board are:

Roger Flanagan (Chair)

Professor at the University of Reading, with extensive experience in the construction sector in the UK and overseas, both as an academic and a practitioner. Has interests in construction engineering, and using IT systems in industry.

Alan Deboo

Retired HR Director and Consultant with extensive experience in the broadcasting, rail transport and defence sectors. Former Chair of Trustees of a Central London charity providing accommodation for young people. Priest in the Church of England and Canon Emeritus of Salisbury Cathedral.

Darren Dalcher

Honorary Professor at the Kent Business School, specialising in project management, strategy execution, information systems and software engineering. Serves on a number of research, knowledge and accreditation panels and boards for the APM, PMI, BCS, CMI, and IEEE.

K. T. Ramakrishnan

Professional Manager with over four decades of experience. Quality assurance expert, especially in Systems and Standards. Presently working for a US based Standard and Compliance Organization as its global Training Director.

Grant Howell

Retired solicitor with extensive experience in management of a large firm's projects in the UK and overseas as well as setting up and running that firm's Project Management Office. Also, had many years experience of being responsible for a professional body's nationwide training programme.

Andy Ranger-Walsh

20+ years experience in delivering major capital programmes across defence, rail and utilities sectors.

Now Head of Programme & Project Controls for a global engineering and management consultancy based in Bristol.

The Ethics and Standards Board is responsible for ensuring that The APM Group adheres to good governance standards and works ethically, representing the interests of all our stakeholders. If, as a stakeholder, you would like to contact the Chair of the Board, to raise a particular issue or concern, please fill in this form and the Chair will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. Your enquiry will be treated as confidential.