Corporate Governance

APM Group Ethics and Standards Board

The APM Group demands the same high standards of itself as it does its accredited organizations. To ensure we are acting honestly and transparently, we have a documented structure in place to assure impartiality of our operations, manage potential conflicts of interest with staff or contractors and ensure the objectivity of all certification processes.

To support this structure, we have an Ethics and Standards Board led by an independent chairperson with extensive management experience. The Board can investigate any of our activities and speak to anyone employed by APM Group to ensure we are aligned with our values.

The Members of the Board are:

Helen Stone OBE (Chair)

Civil engineer with director level experience in project management, including interface with utilities, financial services, telecommunications and property service sectors. Promotes diversity and equal opportunities in construction.

Roger Flanagan (Deputy Chair)

Professor of Construction Management at the University of Reading, President of the Chartered Institute of Building. Career in the construction sector, Director of Skanska AB and the Halcrow Group.

Alan Deboo

Clergyman and Canon of Salisbury Cathedral. Has extensive HR experience in the Broadcasting, Transport and Defence sectors.

Tony Betts

Was responsible for OGC Best Practice for 10 years including ITIL® and PRINCE®. Currently doing academic research into higher education trends.

Darren Dalcher

Professor of Software Project Management at Middlesex University and Director of the National Centre for Project Management. Extensive practical and research experience in project management and software development.

Matthew Burrows

BSMimpact Managing Director and consultant; practitioner and thought leadership contributor in Transformation, Programme/Portfolio and Service Management; Chair of the itSMF International Ethics Review Board, Member of the SFIA Council; past President of the Institute of Service Management.

K. T. Ramakrishnan

A Mechanical cum Marine Engineer with diverse Industry experience spanning over four decades. Works for a renowned US based social and environmental compliance certification and training organization. "Hands on" field experience and managerial expertise, while employed as Managing Director of a certification body

The Ethics and Standards Board is responsible for ensuring that The APM Group adheres to good governance standards and works ethically, representing the interests of all our stakeholders.

If, as a stakeholder, you would like to contact the Chair of the Board to raise a particular issue or concern, please send an email to her email address, and she will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. This email will be treated as confidential and will not be seen by internal APM Group staff. You can also contact the Deputy Chair of the Board at